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  1. I pray that this message gives hope to the discouraged. My husband, who is a Pastor, pointed out to me that only 1/4 of the seed of salvation fell on fertile soil, and that out of thousands who followed Jesus, only 120 were in the upper room at Pentecost. THIS gave me hope for my two wayward children for some reason. He said, “We need to pray that God will strengthen their “Inner Man” so their “free will” shall choose Jesus for salvation, and that the Holy Spirit would break the strongholds that the lies from the world, as well as the satanic forces at work in the spirit-world, will be broken in their life so they can believe in Jesus – the ONLY way to eternal salvation. No matter what we depend on, the issue is that we never stop praying – just as you said, “because nothing is impossible” and “everything is possible” with God. … kat

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