1. I LOVE what You wrote in your article, but especially these two paragraphs: “He will never fail you. There will still be pain, there might still be injustice, and struggle, but He has not left us to ourselves. He is the answer to all of our hardship and sorrows. He covers us with His love, His righteousness, and His perfection. He cleanses us and heals our hearts. He meets us in the dark and difficult places, and His healing love shines forth. He restores our dignity and in Him our value remains intact. Our God given hope in the finished work of Christ, grace to hold fast in faith to His promises, and assurance of Christ’s acceptable sacrifice and resurrection make us steadfast, immovable, and confident.

    “Yet, we cannot rest in what we feel. We rest in what we are sure of from the word of God. We cannot trust in what we see. We can only rest in what we know from the Word of God. I cannot trust in my own vain works. I can only rest in the works of a perfect Savior. It is a blessing to rest in this way because my trust is in someone I have access to, someone I know—Jesus. And His Friendship is worth it all.”

    I write a nightly devotion on our Facebook page, and these words could have come from one of my posts. We are like-minded and trusting in the Lord with our WHOLE heart (Proverbs 3:5-6). I like to say, “God plants a seed for a miracle in every trial.” I can’t wait to spend eternity with you in service to King Jesus … kat

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