1. I’m so glad you had this divine appointment. I LOVE divine appointments. I look for them everywhere I go – waiting rooms, grocery and retail stores, church services, I have an Evangecube that I carry in my purse, and I’ve used it often to tell the gospel story in vivid colors and easy rhetoric. I never see my “person” again, but I know I was used by God to share the Good News with all of them. I’ve even been blessed to share with people who prayed for salvation after my brief presentation, and who died the next day or a week later. I feel so privileged that God used me in this way. Keep on keeping on my Sister-in-Christ. Can’t wait to spend eternity with you … kat

  2. Love this, it is a great reminder of how we should be looking at the people, events ,and situations around us through the eyes of the creator not the created. Use scripture as our filter, a biblical worldview not a secular one.

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