1. You wrote: “There are struggles beneath the surface that are not easily seen. (Galatians 6:2)” I SOOOO AGREE. The Lord had to teach me the significance of the word, “Compassion.” This helped me to look beyond the surface, into their eyes – the windows of our soul – to see what was going on inside of them. God gives us His discernment to do this, and the compassion we need not to judge each other, but to cry or rejoice with one another all the time. Compassion is empathy with a huge does of love included. I cry often now, but it’s worth it, because it helps others to see that I really, really care about them … kat

  2. Kat, what beautiful words! It is so important we really “see” people. Unfortunately, we are often just too busy with other things to really pay attention or be a student of others. We like to fill in our own motives for the actions we see, but no one can completely comprehend another’s heart-except God. Asking God for help is the best first step, You are so right, He will develop those spiritual eyes in us. I love your insight! Thank you for bringing up this point.

  3. I like how you teamed the two themes of back-to-school and division of views as adults. No matter which side, or how important the issue, we all can use a little schooling.

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