Roslyn Alexander Tea Cups and Saucers


  1. Roslyn, thank you so much for sharing your story. I am sure you had a great impact on the many college students you invested in.

  2. We still talk about how blessed we were by your hospitality in Bristol even now more than 3 years later. It consistently seemed a combination of both simply loving people and also pointing people to Jesus – I don’t know if this is just a British turn of phrase but it seemed to come from a really good place (i.e. heart)

  3. Serving food to hungry students really is rewarding. Our church serves lunch to about 90 students five days a week for 10 weeks in the summer. My husband, the Senior Pastor of our church, cooked the food all five days and I and several other volunteers wrapped the food to keep it warm and prepared the lunch bags with drink, snack, and fruit cups to balance out the meal. After years of this service to our community, we have three cooks and he only cooks twice a week. We also have people from other communities who come for lunches that they serve to children in their church field. The school system helps by supplying much of the food that we cook. It is such a rewarding ministry and outreach to the families of these children.

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