1. Jennifer…very well written and expressed. God dealt with me about simplifying too. I only have that which I use, and no extra fru-fru as I call it. We are on the same page spiritually, although our mission fields are very different. At 71, I find God using me locally more than away from home. I love the ministry of helps, and I serve Him through these efforts each day as a Pastor’s wife, community member, and avid Gospel spreader. I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future. – kat bradley.

  2. Thanks Kat…isn’t it wonderful that God never stops using us within His great mission plan, no matter our age, skill set, or ability to get around. There are so many ways to serve Him well, if we’ll just stay tuned-in to His voice and obedient to follow. Blessings as you spread the Gospel right where He has placed you.

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