children with her students holding different color bells


  1. Thank you for the reminder! Melanie gave us beautiful instructions on how we can honor and support the the shepherds of our individual congregations. I plan to put them to work myself. Yet we often forget those who work diligently within the body. How many times have I walked out of a Sunday school classroom or passed the nursery and failed to say a simple “thank you”? More than I can count.

    As we focus this month on our pastor, I plan to, also, take notice of all those who work within the body, and often without the thanks and appreciation they deserve. It’s about time I let people know I do thank them for all they do!

    1. ((Donna)) Thank you for stopping by and commenting! There are SO many workers in our churches who could use a simply, heartfelt thank you!! Nursery workers saved my sanity when my kids were little. They gave me two hours a week to be with other adults and other women and I will be forever grateful for them!! <3

  2. Well written. I had a teacher that impacted me also, Mrs. Ouellette, actually a few of them.
    I pray that my life will have that influence on the youngsters that I teach.

    1. (Yvonne!) I wonder if the Ouellette families we know are the same one. Wouldn’t that be fun?! Sunday School teachers are VIPs on so many levels. I’m so thankful for them! <3

  3. Mrs. Pendleton would be proud!😊 I too have taken for granted that others will be there to volunteer and help within the church. I think we often FEEL love and connection but rarely think to take time in expressing it. It doesn’t take great amounts of money or effort, just intentionality and perhaps some candor. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I’m so glad to know you’re writing again. My blog has gathered a few spider webs of late. I still have fond memories of FW in Michigam so many years ago and the special things that followed.

  5. I went through a lonely time that brought me closer to the Lord – a deep, intimate union that gets sweeter as the days go by. I am so glad you have this in your life too, but my heart breaks that you had to go through the desert. The aches and pains and loneliness must have been heart-rending for you. I’m so glad you are on the other side now, and enjoying the springs of living water God provides for those who love Him. Blessings, kat Bradley

    1. Thank you, Kat! But please understand, the desert was a BEAUTIFUL, life-giving place for me. Getting there was tough because I was holding on too tightly that I knew I needed to let go of, but God prepared me even for that. I would never, ever change that time in my life…in many ways I would run back there in a heart beat if I felt that God would bless it, but I feel He’s brought me out, to this place, and I’m thankful, just adjusting and learning to do old things in new ways, HIS ways.

  6. I know my kids have had special people like that – and I am so thankful. In fact, I get to work with one of them (Mrs Eakins) in Awana every week. Having come to Christ later in life, I didn’t have the earlier influence like that (and I can’t remember a single name of a Hebrew School teacher), but my adult Sunday School teachers have also made a wonderful impact.
    Hugs, Peejers!

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