1. I am proud of you for adjusting your attitude and viewpoint with your mom. That was very hard to do, but you found victory in the Lord. My mom got in this same place, and my brothers kept trying to force her to keep going. She did not want to eat anymore, she wanted to sleep more, and she did not care about cleaning her home or her self. My brothers called in Hospice who advised them to stop forcing her to function “normally.” Hospice kept her comfortable and calm, and allowed her body to go on the be with the Lord, which is where she longed to be. This is what I want my children to do for me. Give me peace and quiet, and let God set me free from the prison of my aged body. … kat

    1. Kathleen, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Your words about your experience with your mom are an encouragement to me. I often struggle with what I should do in regards to my dad’s situation (eating, bathing etc.) I feel that showing him respect is just as important as seeing that he eats, etc. It might not have been your intent, but your words have reassured me that it’s okay to allow him the same grace I would hope for myself.

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