concrete stairs in the forest

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  1. I LOVE your analogy here. I raised my three children in the Word, and in giving God gratitude and praise for His daily blessing. However, like you said, “Because we have stayed the course, we are deep into the forest therefore causing their journey back to be a long one. As they let go of our hand and begin their way back, the forest trees begin to engulf them.”

    Mine are now closing in on 50 years old, and only the youngest – a boy – is walking in the ways of the Lord. There is hope for them until their dying breath, but I grieve that they wasted so much of their life in pride and rebellion – missing out on the love, joy, and peace so readily available to them in intimate union with Christ.

    I pray with faith, joy in my heart, and trust in the Lord that they will return as the verse you quoted states, but their free will determines their ultimate destination (John 3:18). My two boys are gracious, patient, loving and kind to me, but my daughter disowned me about 15 years ago for me believing that Jesus is the only way of salvation. She states that she does not believe in heaven or hell, and that Jesus is a good man, but not the only Savior of the world. Sadness … kat

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