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  1. Amy, thank you for writing this. It was encouraging and life giving to my soul and beautifully written!

  2. When I first read this, I was thinking that Carmen wrote it. I am soooo very sorry that Amy had this experience too – the double “whammy” so to speak. I am crying buckets of tears right now to think of what you went through. I experienced a similar issue when my husband of 22 years CHOSE that divorce for us was the only option for his discontentment with our marriage. My three children were all in college, so I went through the dreaded empty nest in a three year period – one right after the other. Then … the divorce.

    I grieved off and on, but mostly I called on the Lord for the next step in this new chapter of my life, and He led me one step at a time. In order to combat the stress and anxiety, I was plunged into, I totally submitted to His will. Like you, He taught me to immerse my life in my relationship with Him. I learned to live in the moment. If I am well cared for by Him in the moment, then everything is fine – no regret over the past or fear of the future. He opened new doors for me all along these new moments as I loved Him with my whole heart, and I trusted only in Him for each of the moments.

    I have more peace and joy than I ever experienced in my past life, and my intimate union with the Trinity of God grows deeper through every moment of time…. kat

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