1. I have written some of the exact words you wrote in this article in my daily blog posts on my Facebook page. I totally agree with you. Being born with a melancholy personality is a blessing and a curse. I am now a joyful melancholy. I am so thankful that God gave us negative emotions as red flags to alert us of a need in our body, soul, or spirit. I’m also grateful that God’s Spirit replaces the negative aspects of our melancholy personality with the fruit of His Holy Spirit’s sanctifying work in our spirit and soul. THANK YOU for writing an article about depression that had the words acceptable to this blog site. I LOVE to write hopeful posts about our spirit, body, and soul – our thoughts, emotions, and desires. Blessing to you.

  2. These are wise words. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to meet Jeremiah (the weeping prophet) or to be there when Elijah was exhausted, or around Naomi in the years after the death of her many family members. I think there’s something sacred and beautiful about dealing with the profound things of God, in the midst of the very human challenges and struggles of life. We all get tired, we all have our valleys, yet God is always faithful, and He never fails. ❤️

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