facade of ancient roman catholic church on sunny day

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  1. My husband and I moved from a large church in Southwest Florida to Valier, IL (between Marion and Mt. Vernon) 6 years ago to Pastor at Valier First Baptist Church in our village in the Heartland of the USA. Our church is extremely mission-minded with a focus on providing our community with free events as a way to access the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior too. We LOVE to shop at Renew Thrift store connected to Cornerstone. What a small world!!! Thank you for sharing your experiences. Our Florida church sent our youth and chaperones on mission trips to these types of places that you describe each year by having a bake auction that raised thousands of dollars to help fund these trips. I could relate to everything you said here. Can’t wait to enjoy eternity with you in Heaven – I am 71.5 years old 🙂 Blessings … kat

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